NH90 programme

NH90 programme was born from studies undertaken by Industrial Advisory Group NIAG SG 14 (NATO) for a common helicopter of tactical and naval transport. helicopter. In 1992, NAHEMA agency (NAto HElicopter Management Agency) is created. This one represents the four participating nations : Italy, Grance, Germany and the Netherlands. At this same time, NH Industries is created ; this one is made up of four companies shareholders : Agusta (Italy), Eurocopter France, Eurocopter Deutscland (Germany) and Stork Fokker (Netherlands). NHI ensures the management of NH90 programme, marketing and the support after-sales.

In June 2001, Portugal joined NH90 programme and becomes sharholder to 1,5 %. There are then 5 nations taking part in the programme.

At the end of 2002, Finland, Norway and Sweden,
gathered within the committee of NSHP programme
(Nordic Standard Helicopter Project), selected the NH90.

On 1st September 2003, Greece orders 20 NH90, plus 14 in option.

On 24 July 2004, Oman orders 20 NH90 for its Air Force. Sultanat of Oman is the first export contract out of Europe.

In August 2004, Australia orders 12 NH90 (called MRH-90, for Multi-Role Helicopter) for its army.

In December 2005, the Belgian government gives its agreement for the purchase of 10 NH90 helicopters. La Belgique is the 12th country customer of NHIndustries, and the 11th european customer.

In June 2006, Australia orders 34 MRH-90, in addition of its 12 aircrafts ordered in August 2004.

At June 24, 2006, NHIndustries has 391 orders of NH90 helicopters and 86 options.

Updated : 24 June 2006


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